Who Is Talking About You?

I recommend to my clients that they need to listen to what others are saying about them. Obviously, a business can do this themselves, but we do offer it as a service here at CNY Media Solutions.

What are people saying about you?

What are people saying about you?

A good listening tool that’s out there is Twitter. It is one of the most popular social networking sites where people will mention a business (or brand) in a positive or negative light. Whether you are listening or not, it’s out there, and it’s being read by many potential customers.

But with that being said, what if no one is talking about your business? Well then, the next logical step is to GET THEM TALKING! How? By offering value. Many businesses today are using Twitter to broadcast special deals that creates a buzz among their audience. These deals are rapidly shared throughout their networks exponentially and before you know it, your deal may have gone “viral”.

So what do you want to be “hearing” on the social networks about your company?

  • Positive articles and comments on blogs
  • Shared content (i.e. ReTweets, Thumbs Up through StumbledUpon, voted up in Digg, etc…)
  • Liked through Facebook

And there are probably many more to list. But to just recap what we’ve discussed – keep your ear to the ground to listen to what people are saying about you. If they are, thank them. If it’s negative, offer assistance and ask where you can improve. If no one is talking about you, give them a reason to. Over deliver, and it will happen.

  • Posted at 9:27 pm, May 29, 2010

    Well said!

    They say “any PR is good PR,” but no PR is nowhere. No one can ever please everybody, so you’re bound to get some people whining about you somewhere. The key is to keep an eye on it and counter it with, like you said, value.

    Having a few friends who’ll stick up for you doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  • Posted at 2:30 am, June 7, 2010
  • Geoff Lord
    Posted at 4:05 am, June 7, 2010

    Hi there Erich

    i would agree. I have been in Business for over 40 years and i can honestly say that any publicity, bad or good is ultimately good for your business. however the trick is to counter the bad news quickly and turn negative responses into positive ones by acting fast and correcting any errors you may have made and then tell EVERYONE how quickly you have corrected the problem and exactly what the benefits will be to EVERYONE as a result of the problem having brought to your attention.

    geoff Lord

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