Not too long ago, a business just needed a website to have an online presence. But with the incredible growth of mobile and tablet devices, just having a website is not enough. For customers to have a better experience, they need to think about having a mobile version of their site.   [caption id="attachment_493" align="alignright" width="306"] Your customers will return if your site is set up for...

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Many small business owners are just learning about mobile friendly websites. More importantly, only in the past two years have companies started realizing that their websites need to be mobile optimized.   There are not a lot of companies who are taking advantage of mobile search exposure at this time. Usually, the only companies that think about a mobile optimized website are those in the technological industry....

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To build a positive awareness about your company's brand, it's not only important to have a good online reputation, but to maintain that good reputation as well. And as with any good reputation, it takes time and effort to build and maintain it. Online Reputation Management - What Is It? But what is Online Reputation Management and why is it important? Wikipedia defines Online Reputation Management -...

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Do you know how many people are searching online for the service or product that your business provides? Are you going to be found among the search engine results? What many businesses do not know is that there is money being left on the table when it comes to potential customers looking for their service or product(s).

While it is true that traditional marketing is still alive and kicking for now (newspaper and other printed media, television, radio, etc…), internet marketing is quickly on the rise. And with more and more people “googling” for something that they’re searching for, the minority will soon be those that go to the yellow pages and other printed directories.

So the question is, does Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the many other online business directories that are out there know that your business exists? Will you be found when they come looking for you through the various portals that are on the web?

Generally, there are three answers to these questions.