Should My Business Have a Mobile Website?

mobile website designAs a business owner, you have known the importance of having a website. But now, something else has come along that’s just as (and may even be more) important as having a regular website. Now that more people are searching for services on their smart phones, having a mobile website is very important. But you might ask, “I have a regular website that can be pulled up on a cell phone browser. Isn’t that enough?” The simple answer is no. A mobile website is a website that is made to display and function on a smart phone such as an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry internet browser.

Let’s look at a couple reasons why having a mobile website that is optimized for a cell phone is important.

The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

If you have a regular website with Flash graphics, it is already a known fact that this is bad for search engine optimization because search engines aren’t able to pick up important information for people to search for your website. Add to the fact that there are smart phones that will not pull up the Flash graphics correctly or even at all. The iPhone and other Apple products, such as the iPod and iPad, will not even pick up the Flash graphics at all. You will just see an empty spot or page.

Another important thing to think about are images that have text placed inside them. While this may look nice and spruce up the webpage, this can actually hurt you for two reasons:
On a mobile phone, if the phone detects an address, it will link it to Google Maps to allow your visitors to see where your business is located. And the same applies to the phone number. If the phone number is in text, the customer can click on the phone number and call you.

If the phone number and address are inside an image, they are not getting crawled by the search engines. Google cannot see the contents of the image for important information that it needs in order to list your website correctly in the search engine results. However, if your phone number, address, and other important text is displayed as text, it will allow the search engines to see that and process that information accordingly so that customers can easily find you.

A Regular Website Vs. a Mobile Website

It’s important to understand the differences between a regular website and a mobile website. The regular full-blown website is really meant to educate your visitor on your brand and what you have to offer. While they are sitting at their computer, they might be reading an article on your site or maybe they’re looking to contact you. But the goal of a mobile website is different. When they are on their mobile phone they are looking for something quick. They might be looking for contact information, where you are located, or any specials or deals that you might have going on.

So remember, when deciding to build a mobile website, it’s important that you do your research and use a service provider that knows what they’re doing.
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