Mobile Tools for Restaurants

When restaurants think about marketing their business, they think about the yellow phone book, television and newspaper ads, flyers, and billboards. But the fairly new kid on the block that’s being used for getting the word out is mobile marketing. Last week we spoke about mobile marketing for Hair Salons, but this week we¬†are going to discuss 5 mobile tools for restaurants that can be incorporated into your current print and broadcasting marketing strategies.


Mobile Tools for Restaurants

mobile tools for restaurants

SMS Text Messages

First of all, this tool is the most important tool as it involves most of the other marketing tools below. Your customers, by law, have to opt-in to receive text messages from you. And obviously, by having customers opt-in to receive your messages, they will be expecting your messages and not be put off by them. Make sure the deals you provide offer value – REAL value – not just an invitation to join your text message club.


Mobile Coupons

Giving customers the option to use mobile coupons will put you ahead of the rest. It will help you reach a wider audience drawing in new customers as well as giving your existing customer base a good reason to come in – maybe when you experience a slower night.


Conduct a Survey

Sending a text message to your customers to ask them what’s their favorite dish or what appetizer they prefer the most is something to keep your business top-of-mind with your clientele.


Have a Contest

Texting out a Trivia question about your restaurant is a good way to stir up a little competition. Why not offer something free off the menu for the first 5 correct responses?


A Limited Time Offer

Putting on a little pressure by offering a limited time offer is a good way to get a response from your opted-in audience. Give them a couple of hours to respond to your soon-to-be expired offer. It will definitely generate some traffic.


You will do well in putting these marketing tools for restaurants into practice in your marketing strategy. By doing these you’ll also be growing your mobile client database for your restaurant. So use these tips to get the ball rolling and incorporate them into your current marketing strategy!

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