Grab Their Attention Part 2

Ok, so now you have your web presence established. Your blog is in place, polished, and ready to convert inbound traffic to paying customers. Your business is now in the “YES” group referred to in Part One of this two part post – links are pointing to your site from multiple platforms such as your Facebook fan page, your YouTube channel, your Twitter bio and message stream, and articles have been posted to directories. People are enjoying what you are sharing, blog posts and/or videos may have gone viral, and the traffic is about to pour in. So the million dollar question is:

What are you going to do with the flood of traffic now that you have grabbed their attention!?

You really don’t want this traffic just to go frivolously to any page of your website. It’s important to have a “landing” page that expects them – that welcomes them. Not as a cold commodity, or corralled through like cattle. These are people – still looking for valuable information from you.

You have the service or product they are looking for, and most likely, you can offer a little more value for them before they start to get out their wallet or purse.

But before you give them this nugget of information (or product, or whatever you want to give away), it’s only fair to ask for their email address. You have to make sure, though, that their email – this very important piece of their internet identity – is kept with you alone, and shared with or sold to no one. It’s important to remind your customers of this fact as well.

Once you start building a list of customers, you will now have another means to speak to your customers as you did with them through the social media networks. Only this time, they are more like members rather than window shoppers.

But does this mean you blast your list with emails every day, trying to sell them on every product or service you provide? Let me know how that goes for you if you do. In a short time, you will have no list at all. You may need to experiment, but what seems to be the popular consensus among email list owners, is that you shouldn’t send more than three emails a week. Again, you want to ask yourself, what am I providing my list? My members? If you are pushing a hard-sell to them, make sure these are far and few between.

It is important that you now have them as a customer. But it is more important that you keep them as a returning customer. Now that they’re on your list, they should know about the value you provide and the quality of your product(s) or service(s). And while it is still important to cast your line out to the social networks and still provide quality information through these channels obtaining new customers and bringing them to your website, your list will be your most valuable asset to your business – next to the quality of your service.

So grab their attention through social media channels, bring them to your website to a specific page that welcomes them and provides quality information that makes them want to stay, offer more information or a product by them giving you their email address in return, and keep providing quality content through your channels and to your list.

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  • Sam Katakouzinos
    Posted at 8:12 am, June 17, 2010

    Well worth the wait! Again a great article and wise advice.

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