8 Facts About Mobile Websites That’ll Keep You Up at Night

8 Facts About Mobile Websites


1. Your website may experience an increase in traffic. Having a mobile website ranks your regular website higher in the search engines for being a mobile friendly site. What will you do with all those extra customers!?


2. 57% of people will not recommend a business with a non-mobile website. Regular websites are designed to fit on a monitor screen, not a small smartphone screen. What usually happens when these sites are brought up on their phones? The user has to constantly zoom in and out trying to navigate the interface. A mobile website allows users to navigate your site with ease. Who wouldn’t recommend that?


3. Two thirds of consumers are using Smartphones. With more people using smartphone’s internet browsing capabilities, the mobile web is getting more popular than ever! This means businesses will need to adapt to stay current!


4. 71% of people expect a mobile website to load as fast as a regular desktop website. Mobile websites are usually a scaled down version of the desktop site which means they will probably load as fast or even much faster.


5. 189 Million Facebook users are mobile-only. This means if they were to click on a link to your website from Facebook (for example, your business’ Fanpage) they would hopefully land on your mobile friendly site…which leads into #6


6. 60% of Twitter users access the network from their mobile device. Again, linking back to your website should be a mobile friendly site for them to land on.


7. Tablet users spend 50% (on average) more time online than desktop users. Mobile friendly websites are also Tablet friendly websites.


8. 91% of US adults own a mobile phone and 61% of those are smartphones. Are you starting to see why your business needs a mobile website?


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