6 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Not too long ago, a business just needed a website to have an online presence. But with the incredible growth of mobile and tablet devices, just having a website is not enough. For customers to have a better experience, they need to think about having a mobile version of their site.


Your customers will return if your site is set up for mobile!

Your customers will return if your site is set up for mobile!

Now more than ever, people are using their smartphones to find products and services, especially businesses in their local area. Ignoring this fact is going to cost businesses potential customers – which means lost profit. So here are six good reasons your business needs a mobile website.


Mobile Growth

Most mobile vs. desktop website research is showing that mobile has overtaken desktop as the leader in internet usage. It’s not a surprise since 2010 was the year that mobile devices outsold notebook computers! Most smartphones today have internet access and are just about in everyone’s pocket. As time goes on, mobile devices will become more available and affordable.


Customer Retention

Your customer’s first impression of your website on their mobile device really does matter. In fact, more than half of mobile users surveyed said that they will not return to a website if they have a bad experience. So make sure you have a mobile website that presents your website as one that everyone will enjoy coming back to using again and again.


A Better Experience

Mobile websites are made to be used on smaller screens. But as everyone knows, scrolling though a regular website on a mobile device can become a nuisance to deal with. Zooming in and out, buttons that are nearly impossible to press, trying to click on a link that sits among other links, not being able to find the information they are looking for – these are all valid complaints of a regular website on a smartphone. Mobile websites are optimized for touch control and specifically designed for mobile devices.


Getting Ahead of the Competition

Many businesses have yet to optimize their website to be mobile friendly. This gives you the upper hand in standing out among your competitors and to create a good impression with your customers.


Penalized if You Don’t

Google has made it clear that websites that are optimized for mobile will get better rankings in their search results. Businesses that do not have a mobile website will fall in the search ranks. This makes sense as Google is trying to do their job by providing the best results to users that are searching for your products or services from their mobile device.


Links back from Social Media sites should link to your mobile website

Links back from Social Media sites should link to your mobile website

Social is Mobile

If your business is involved with any type of social media marketing, chances are that incoming traffic will be from a mobile device. Not being set up with a mobile website can negate any marketing efforts and waste a lot of money that was put towards social advertising.


So if you have found these reasons for having a mobile website helpful, please download our free report: 5 Marketing Tips Using Mobile. This report will give you some good ideas to put into practice with your mobile marketing strategy.

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