5 Great Reasons for Using SMS Text Marketing

Almost every one has a cell phone, and businesses can use this to their advantage with SMS text marketing. As mobile use has grown exponentially over the last few years, marketers have found that SMS marketing is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to connect with their consumers without spending a fortune.

Here are 5 of the top reasons we see for using SMS mobile marketing:

1. Almost 100% Deliverability of Text Marketing

When compared to other forms of marketing, SMS has one of the highest deliverability and open rates. For deliverability, the only time one isn’t received is, if the wrong phone number is used.

For open rates they do extremely well, nearing 100%. In fact, when it is common for as few as 3% of emails to be opened, this comparison to text marketing means more people will see and act upon offers they receive. With the messages being so short, most people don’t mind reading every one sent.

2. More Foot Traffic to the Business

The most beneficial aspect to using SMS marketing is that it will increase foot traffic. Any business owner is happy to get more people in their store, or to their website, because then people are more likely to buy.

SMS increases foot traffic with offers sent to bring in customers.

Example promotions include:

  • Come in on 8/12 and get B1G1 appetizers.
  • Bring a friend to get 20% off your order 8/15.
  • Free drinks with your meal on 8/23.

3. Cost Effective Marketing

The cost of running an SMS marketing campaign is comparable to the cost of using an email campaign. For most services you pay a nominal monthly fee for a # of messages to be sent each month, and services cost as little as $50 per month.

Campaigns can also be scheduled and maintained for companies by third parties who specialize in mobile marketing. This option gives business owners the opportunity to capitalize on the marketer’s experience with SMS, their knowledge of what kind of campaigns work best and when to send them.

4. Easy for Customers

If a customer provides their cell phone number, they normally use it everyday and check in on it often. Their phone is part of their life and any messages they receive on it are easy for them to look at.

When they don’t have to pick up another device, logon, sign up, etc, it becomes easier to access them, which means better results for the company trying to reach them.

5. Increase Business on Slow Days

If a company is looking to increase business on a specific day of the week, mobile marketing is great. On the slowest day of the week, send a message like one of the following:

  • 20% off lunch TODAY only 12-2pm
  • TODAY only- free nail clippings for your pet
  • This Tuesday- free breadsticks with pizza order 11-3

Not only will these offers bring in more people to a business, but they help reveal new ways to increase business on a regular basis. Test to see what works, then use it regularly.

Emarketer, an online marketing leader, projects that mobile marketing will continue to grow in 2012 and 2013 as companies discover the vast amount of benefits and few drawbacks aligned with it. To start using it yourself, contact us today. We will design and implement a new campaign utilizing the best information in mobile marketing available.


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