3 SMS Text Message Marketing Mistakes

3 SMS Text Message Marketing Mistakes

When implementing an SMS Text Message campaign – whether you’re currently using it or thinking about using it – it’s important for businesses to keep in mind these 3 text message marketing mistakes listed below:

SMS Text message marketing mistake #1:

Sending out a message campaign at the wrong time. No one wants to receive a text message late into the night or very early in the morning. Especially when it’s not from someone close to them.
What you should do:
Depending on your audience and what your product or service is, your message should take that into consideration. For example, a restaurant may want to send a discount coupon out a couple hours before dinner when people are starting to think about what to have.

text message marketing mistakes
SMS Text message marketing mistake #2:
Start a campaign with no real value. Just asking someone to join a text club won’t cut it. And when a “special offer” is not so special, people will unsubscribe from your list in droves.
What you should do:
Make sure that every text campaign offers something of true value to the customer – whether it’s a deep discount or even free. Keeping a customer on your list is worth anything that you can spare. This will mean extra income for you in the long run.

SMS Text message marketing mistake #3:
Sitting on your contact database. Not doing anything with a database of opted-in customers is lost profit.
What you should do:
Send out a text campaign at least 2 times a month, but no more than once a week. You may even want to make it once every other week, depending on what you are offering.

So when you are thinking about sending out your next SMS text message campaign, remember to avoid these three text message marketing mistakes to have a successful campaign and to create a large active database!

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