3 Mobile Tools for Photographers

Everyone knows in today’s world that smartphones are used by almost everyone for many different tasks such as shopping, banking, surfing, keeping up with friends, just to name a few. They are also looking for services such as finding a restaurant, ordering pizza, sending flowers, or looking for a Photographer. That’s why these 3 mobile tools for Photographers should be incorporated into your regular marketing strategy:


3 Mobile Tools for Photographers

mobile tools for photographers



A Mobile Website

A mobile website is definitely needed as 1) an easy to read website that is optimized for a mobile phone and 2) the landing place for any mobile campaign that you direct your clients to. It can also have your business on the map for clients to easily find you, links to all of your social media profiles, and any or all contact information that you may want to include for people to find you.


SMS Text Messaging

Building a list using SMS Text Message marketing has never been easier. Using a keyword along with a short-code (For example when you see ads that say “Text PIZZA to 12345”) is a great way to build a mobile user database to send important information or special deals. And if you are creating a deal for a text message campaign, make sure that the deal has real value, such as a significant percentage off a service or offering something for free.


Mobile Coupons

A fast and cost-effective way to communicate to customers with your brand is mobile coupons. Again, having a well-defined and valuable offer along with an expiration date will encourage your clients to respond with a quicker reply. Try using price discounts, buy one get one promos, and cross selling offers in your mobile marketing planning.


No doubt you will benefit by using these mobile tools for Photographers in your marketing campaigns. If you are still using newspaper or broadcasting for your marketing, these tools can be easily used along side those as well. So contact us today do get started so that we can build your mobile marketing platform today!

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